About Us

… just a tad more about us

First thing is first… you may be asking yourself how the heck do you say our name.  It’s pronounced either kay-lus or see-loos Minds, both are acceptable.


Our name stems from the Latin word for sky. Since the founder Sultan and Anthony both believe the sky is the limit when it comes to technology, it just felt right.  We like to say “our minds our in the clouds…” which in the classic idiom would imply that we’re unaware of what is happening around us, because we’re too focused on our own ideas.  This is true, but only as far as are ideas are willing to take us.  We of course require some pragmatism in our routines, as any solid establishment should.  We simply enjoyed the play on words.


The history of CaelusMinds, LLC starts at a mutual employer that all three executives shared.  While there Sultan and Anthony quickly became good friends, they both fed off the other’s ambition and enterprising concepts.  There was hardly a conversation that took place between these two that didn’t end with both parties walking away motivated with whatever they were working on.


Also, while working for this mutual employer, they both met Aaron.  At the time he was in charge of his own department, a position that allowed him to exercise his management skills and work among his passion for technology and solving problems.


At least once a week the entire group would go out to eat and converse about their wild ideas for simplifying and bettering lives through the use of technology in the work place.


Though Aaron and Anthony would usually play devil’s advocate to Sultan’s logic, even if they truly agreed, for their own amusement… it was born from this love of debate and furthering technology that eventually gave life to what is now CaelusMinds.


Sultan, no stranger to poorly formed databases, approach Anthony with his concepts for FlowQL.  Anthony waved the idea off as nonsense, convinced that it’s already been done before.  After, what seemed like, countless hours of research Anthony came to the conclusion… “No one has done this, because no none would be crazy enough to try”.


Sultan and Anthony spent roughly 40 hours in conference calls over the next few days comparing notes and giving life to the FlowQL idea beyond the scope either of them had initially thought for.


Even with a sound idea, they would still need to bring it to market.  Enter, Aaron Beauregard.  Between the business savvy and pragmatic viewpoints Aaron brings to the table and the next-generation mindset Sultan and Anthony are often fond of…

…the sky is the limit.