CaelusMinds Team

CaelusMinds, LLC is run by three passionate and skilled IT professionals each with over 10 years of experience in the...

CaelusMinds, LLC is run by three passionate and skilled IT professionals each with over 10 years of experience in the IT field.


CaelusMinds was formed in early 2013 with the concept of the FlowQL project and the dedication of the co-founders Sultan and Anthony.  Sooner than later they realized that they would need someone with business acumen to bring the product to market.  Remembering a decisive business-man they met via mutual employer in their pasts, Sultan and Anthony decided to reach out to Aaron Beauregard.


Wish to know more? Meet our executive team in the area below.

Anthony Steiner

CEO & Co-Founder

Self-taught and self-motivated, Anthony has almost 15 years experience in Web Development and just over 10 years in .NET programming.

Actively working on CaelusMinds projects.


Aaron Beauregard

Managing Partner

With a strong background in information systems management and a Masters in Business, Aaron is a wealth of knowledge in both IT and Business and knows how to
bridge the two.

Currently our ad-hoc managing partner, taking time out of his busy life of multiple projects and a growing family to make sure we’re on the right track when it matters.


Sultan Sallaj


Earned his Masters in Computer Science, majoring in Artificial Intelligence. Roughly a decade of .NET programming and WebDev experience.

Currently a silent-partner as Sultan is currently developing an intriguing product and is focusing more on that.

Team Leads


Through the years we’ve gained a large amount of experience in .NET.  We are no strangers to change, and follow closely to today’s standards and freshest frameworks and utilize both mature and next-generation technologies to accomplish the best possible version of our products.


User Experience & Design
Architecture & Prototyping
.NET Programming
…Learning New Things

Anthony Steiner
CTO & Co-Founder
(716) 281-8525

Business Concepts

Aaron Beauregard
Managing Partner

From marketing to accounting, this team handles everything that keeps the business alive. Able to wear many hats to fulfill the needs for our business relations, investors and customer-base and make us the best possible company we can be.

Our biggest concern is making sure our customers and client are happy with their product and we will move mountains to accommodate.

~Aaron Beauregard